Maria Shriver on Raising Children Who Are Kind yet Ambitious

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Maria Shriver shares four children—Katherine, Christopher, Christina and Patrick—with her ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger. During her appearance on Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, Maria reveals that both parents try to keep their kids grounded in their values, despite the famous Shriver and Schwarzenegger last names. "I say to them, look, you know at the end of the day, you're you. You will surround yourself with people who know you and love you," Maria says. "That's your job to have a good group of friends around you. I expect you, and so does your dad expect you, to be kind and compassionate. That's what I expect of you. And I expect you to work hard. So, I don't expect you to make a lot of money, but I expect you to work hard, as does your dad."

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