Dr. Phil: My Father Predicted My Success 24 Hours Before His Death

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Dr. Phil McGraw is a household name today. However, during his sit-down for Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, he reveals to Oprah that long before he embarked on his TV career, his father knew he was destined for greatness. Here, in a personal moment, Dr. Phil opens up about the day his father told him he was dying and then predicted his son's future with shocking accuracy. "He said, 'The day is going to come when you are going to have an opportunity to speak to a lot of people,'" Dr. Phil says. "'There are times in people's lives when they come to the precipice where all things wrong can be made right, where they have opportunities to really make changes in their lives. But people have a difficult time recognizing those moments, and you will point those moments out. I know that.' And he died within 24 hours."

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