Caroline Myss: 7 Myths and 7 Truths About Healing

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30 years ago, Caroline Myss was pursuing a career in publishing when she became a medical intuitive. "I did not have an education in the human energy system. Or in chakras. Or in any of that," she says.

She became fascinated with the connection among the body, mind and spirit, and she sought the answers to many profound questions: What makes us ill? What prevents us from healing? What is the spiritual power inside us that can bring about miraculous healing?

As a society, Caroline says, we struggle with complex emotional issues. However, the truth is that we still don't fully understand how feelings and emotions can affect our health. "We'll say, 'I have too much stress,' and it's not accurate," she says. "It's not accurate. It's not stress. Stress is the result."

According to Caroline, when we're ill, we're quick to label it a "disorder" rather than examine the deeper issues. She says that the true source of trouble is psychic conflict. "To say, 'I don't know what this is. I've got this kind of feeling in here. I'm just anxious. I've got this anxiousness, and I can't sleep. I have a sleeping disorder.' No, you don't. No! Stop it," she says.

Another misguided perception held by modern society, Caroline says, is wondering with astonishment how something like illness could befall you. "One of the most painful things that you can tell yourself is that you are the exception to a rule," she says. "That you are the exception to what happens to all living creatures. That somehow or other you are living outside the laws of life. That what breaks down everybody else's body can't touch yours. That somehow other people will age, but not you."

Another myth, Caroline says, is that the mind can help you heal. "Never trust your mind to heal," she says. "Never, never, never. Your mind needs as much healing as the rest of you. The instrument for healing in you is the soul."

In this Super Soul Session, Caroline lays out the myths and truths of healing, and reveals why true healing begins in the soul.
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