What It Means to Be an "Emotional Sherpa"

Season 255 Episode 5
Aired on 11/16/2014 | CC
In their new book, Gratitude and Trust, screenwriter Tracey Jackson and songwriter Paul Williams maintain that everyone has an inner struggle to tackle, whether it's something like drug addiction or even shopping too much. They have developed six affirmations to guide each person in his or her own personal recovery.

One area where Oprah says people always run into trouble is addressed in the following key affirmation: "I will learn from my mistakes and not defend them." Tracey says we often spend too much time making excuses for our mistakes rather than owning them. "We do something, which I call, you know, the emotional Sherpa," she says. "We carry around so much baggage of all the stuff we've done."

Find out how she says we can all lighten our loads.

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