Spirit says that those things might be factual, but they're not true. There's a difference. When spirit gets involved in your love life, there are no more odds. There are no more demographics. There are only two people on a spiritual assignment. And spirit will move a mountain and make the impossible possible in order to make it happen. You know, deep down, in your deepest heart that this is so. Everyone knows it—it's why we could never tire of love stories. A love story is just a reminder that the impossible and the unlikely can and do happen, all the time. I want you to commit to that knowledge right now, because it's your commitment that makes it happen.

Which brings us to the other thing this whole book is about, besides love: transformation. I know it's a woo-woo word, but it's really the right one for what I'm talking about. Transformation is the process in which you go from what and how you are now—and maybe what and how you've been your whole life—to being some new way, the way you want to be, the way that will lead to the life you want. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Except the thing about transformation is this: you can't just make it happen. Okay, wait, sometimes you can—on the purely physical level. If you do four hundred sit-ups and push-ups and biceps curls every day for a month, your body will start to look all muscley. But just try that with, say, acting like a bitch, or being super jealous, or only wanting to date guys who are 10s. Your push-ups are no good here. That's because willpower works when it works, but when it doesn't it doesn't. And when it doesn't, what is a sister to do?

This is where spirit comes in. There is something about cultivating and tapping into a sense of a power bigger than anything down here on earth—anything limited to your five senses—that can bring about change where everything else has failed. It is the same power that will bring your perfect relationship into existence, and your babies—whoever they are and however they get here.