I needed spirit.

Spirit is the thing that makes you who you are—totally unique. Some people call it Creative Intelligence. In Star Wars they call it the Force. Others think of it as the Higher Self. In Eastern philosophy, it's known as the Tao (the Way). Shoot, you could call it Jessica! But whatever you name it, it's the power behind the oceans, gravity, chocolate, and the Beatles. It's the thing that beats your heart.

Spirit belongs to every denomination and no denomination, and it is found everywhere. It's the engine that not only brings you the kind of relationship that you are really looking for but also drives it. For me, it has a simple name: I call it love.

Love is what it all comes down to.

Love is the big thing we human beings get to learn here on Earth, if we decide to really go for it in life and see what's beyond the cash and prizes. To love someone is to accept them as flawed. To marry them (to commit to them) is to give them the gift of being loved despite those flaws. That includes you.

Love means possibilities, and I don't mean that in a Hallmark way. I mean it for real. Spirit is the solution for your (supposed) single-lady "problem": whether it's that there aren't enough men, or that you need to "settle" for a man, or even that you're just a little bit slutty. Spirit makes it possible to accomplish (the more precise word is "attract") things that appear to be impossible, unlikely, or in defiant opposition to any sort of reasonable odds, at least as far as the demographers, the advertising executives, or even the evolutionary biologists are concerned. They'll tell you that to find a mate you need to be just the right age, or have just the right beauty, or have the right number of eggs remaining. But spirit says something else.