Timothy Shriver Remembers His Aunt Rosemary Kennedy

Season 6 Episode 602
Aired on 11/23/2014 | CC tv-14
Rose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy was the third of Joseph and Rose Kennedy's nine children, following older brothers Joseph Jr. and John. Rosemary was born with intellectual disabilities, which the Kennedys kept a secret from the world for most of her life.

Of Joseph and Rose's nine children, John became president, Robert and Edward were elected U.S. senators, and Eunice founded the Special Olympics. Still, Eunice's son Timothy Shriver, now the chairman of the Special Olympics, believes his Aunt Rosemary was perhaps the most extraordinary of all her siblings. He says Rosemary's presence in the extremely competitive family changed everything. "She walked in the house, and she didn't have to do anything. Everybody loved her," Timothy says. "She'd sit with you and talk to you. Play games. Swim. Walk. No earned love."

Watch as he reflects on how she taught him that self-worth isn't defined by accomplishments.

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