Tim Storey: "Life Can Knock the Shout Out of You"

Season 6 Episode 609
Aired on 04/05/2015 | CC tv-14
Too often when we face a setback in life, motivational speaker and life coach Tim Storey says, we lose what he calls our shout. Tim says there's a volume to life, and tough times can sometimes diminish that voice we use to take on the world.

"The Scriptures say that disappointment can make you heartsick. Well, that's bad because the heart is the center. It's your core," he says. "Joy comes from the heart. Peace. Faith. So when you're disappointed and your heart is sick, it can take away your shout. So life can knock the shout out of you."

The good news, Tim says, is that there are ways to get your shout back. "When life tries to take me down to a whisper, [I] just shout on purpose. Just intentionally shout," he says. "Sometimes I am driving on the freeway, and I'll just think about things that are going right. So it's not always a verbal shout. It's an inward shout of choosing to say, 'Hey, this is something to shout about. I'm still alive.'"

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