The Telltale Sign You Aren't Being Your True Self

Season 6 Episode 523
Aired on 02/08/2015 | CC tv-14
Father Richard Rohr says that within each of us lie the true self and the false self. The true self, he says, is what religion often calls the soul—your eternal essence. The false self is the persona you create for yourself. Father Richard believes your goal in life is to find and manifest your true self.

"How do we get to that true self?" Oprah asks.

"It's largely a matter of letting go of the false self," he says.

However, Father Richard acknowledges that it's difficult to be your true self 24 hours a day, so you must be able to recognize when you are being your false self. To do that, he has a simple rule of thumb. In the video above, Father Richard explains how taking offense is a red flag that your false self is at the fore.

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