The Reason Ali MacGraw's 3 Marriages Ended in Divorce

Season 5 Episode 518
Aired on 09/28/2014 | CC tv-14
Actress Ali MacGraw has been married and divorced three times. Her first marriage to college sweetheart Robin Hoen lasted a year and a half. In 1971, on the heels of Love Story's success, Ali married legendary producer Robert Evans and gave birth to her only son, Josh. Two years later, she and Robert broke up after Ali began a public affair with screen icon Steve McQueen. Steve and Ali divorced in 1978 after five tumultuous years.

Ali says her marriages all ended for the same reason: She never said who she really was. Looking back, Ali admits she had an arrogant approach to marriage. "It was, 'Why can't you read my mind about what I'd like and what I wouldn't like?'" she says. In the video above, Ali reflects on the biggest mistake she made in her relationships.

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