The Photograph That Can Make You Feel More Alive

Season 6 Episode 612
Aired on 04/26/2015 | CC tv-14
Dr. Christiane Northrup says studies have shown that belief can trump genes when it comes to feeling younger and living a more healthy, vibrant life. In the video above, she shares a simple exercise from Dr. Mario Martinez that can make anyone feel ageless.

Start by finding a picture of yourself from a time you were truly happy. "Look at the picture. You remember how great that felt. And then you look at the picture about three four times a day," she says. "Carry it around with you. I put mine on my iPhone. And then you live as though that is now. And that will begin to change your biology."

The exercise is more than just reminiscing, she says. "That will change your biology because belief, as you know, is transduced into the biology through the cell membrane."

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