The One Thing That Can Instantly Connect You with Anyone

Season 6 Episode 611
Aired on 04/19/2015 | CC tv-14
Over the past four decades, producer Brian Grazer's work has been nominated for 43 Oscars® and 149 Emmys®, making him one of Hollywood's most prolific and successful producers. Brian says the secret to his success is his insatiable curiosity—an attribute that he says can make anyone more successful, adventurous and connected. "There's evidence that it worked because I grew up in this tiny little middle-class neighborhood ... but I did use this curiosity to meet new people in subjects that I would have never learned anything about," he says. "By meeting these new people, it's given life to movies and television shows that I've done. It's helped me in my personal life with my children. It's been a powerful force in my life."

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