The "Fun-Size" Quest That Pulled Elizabeth Gilbert Out of Despair

Season 5 Episode 527
Aired on 10/12/2014 | CC tv-14
Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert says even taking the smallest steps can lead to big transformations. Elizabeth says that before she took the grand journey that became a best-selling memoir, she was broke and stuck in a divorce proceeding. She didn't yet have the liberty to travel the world, so she resolved to make the most of the world she was in at the time. "I made myself have these mini-quests," she says.

Every day, Elizabeth challenged herself, even when she was full of despair. One day, Elizabeth was mailing something at the post office after divorce court and feeling resentful and frustrated. Before walking out of the building, she gave herself a quest. "You must go out in this world today, and you must find something beautiful," she says.

When she stepped onto the street, she was blown away by a truly astounding site. Find out what it was in the video above.

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