The Inner Voice That Saved Amy Purdy's Life

Season 6 Episode 604
Aired on 02/16/2015 | CC tv-14
One day after work as a massage therapist, 19-year-old Amy Purdy started to feel run-down. "I was massaging my third client. Typically, I could do a full day and have a ton of energy and work out afterwards," she says. "But this day was different." She had a 101-degree temperature and some flu-like symptoms that night, but she thought the worst had passed when her fever broke the next morning.

That next afternoon, however, Amy began to feel worse. "I shut my eyes, and then, suddenly, I felt like I fell into the deepest sleep I have ever felt," she says. "Then, out of nowhere, I heard a voice say, 'Amy, get up and look in the mirror.'"

Amy managed to get up, even though she couldn't feel her feet, which were now a purple hue. "I looked at my reflection in the mirror," she says. "I saw that my nose, my chin and my cheeks were purple as well. And right then, I was dying. And I knew I was dying."

In the video above, Amy describes the day she was rushed to the hospital with a deadly form of bacterial meningitis.

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