The Day Paulo Coelho Decided to Find the Meaning of Life

Season 5 Episode 525
Aired on 09/14/2014 | CC tv-14
Paulo Coelho, who went on to pen the international best-seller The Alchemist, says that as a young man, he immersed himself in the counterculture of the late '60s. Eager for artistic expression, he also found work as a television writer and wrote lyrics for a Brazilian rockstar.

Still, Paulo says, he wanted more. "I said to my wife, 'Christina, we have everything people can dream of except joy,'" he says in the video above. "So, I have $17,500. Let's get the $17,500 and try to find the meaning of life."

The couple began traveling. They walked the El Camino de Santiago, a historic 500-mile trail that Christian pilgrims have traditionally made from France into northern Spain. Watch as Paulo shares how this journey inspired him to write his successful first novel, The Pilgrimage.

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