The Crucial Distinction Between Your Soul and Your Spirit

Season 6 Episode 618
Aired on 10/18/2015 | CC tv-14
Best-selling author Thomas Moore has dedicated his life to exploring the questions at the heart of theology. In his studies, Thomas, who earned his doctorate in religious studies and spent 13 years as a Roman Catholic monk, discovered a significant difference between what people call the soul and what people call the spirit.

Thomas explains the distinction to Oprah: "The spirit is that part of us ... that wants more. That wants to transcend. Wants to grow. Wants to move into a better world. Wants to improve ourselves. ... The soul is quite different. The deep soul has more to do with things that are very ordinary, a part of ordinary life that you feel intimately. ... The first point about the soul is the soul needs a home. It needs a sense of home."

Watch as Thomas explains the difference between the part of us that searches for more and the part of us that finds solace in what we have.