Shonda Rhimes on Realizing Weight Loss Isn't Supposed to Be Easy

Season 6 Episode 624
Aired on 11/15/2015 | tv-14
As the tireless producer behind hit TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder, Shonda Rhimes is no stranger to long hours and hard work. Yet, when it came to weight loss, the mind behind ShondaLand couldn't help but feel that losing weight should be easy.

Then, in a shockingly short amount of time, Shonda dropped 110 pounds. She credits her dramatic transformation to adopting a new perspective on dieting. During the year she decided to say yes to the things that scared her most, as described in her new memoir, Year of Yes, Shonda realized that if she planned on answering every question in the affirmative, she should say yes to being healthy, a bigger challenge than she had thought.

"[The weight loss] came from, sort of, having an epiphany of 'I work hard to succeed at every single thing I do. I work my butt off at work. I work really hard to be a mother. I work really hard at everything. Why do I think that losing weight is supposed to be easy?'" Shonda says.

In the video above, Shonda reveals how she came to terms with the challenges of getting healthy.