Sheryl Sandberg on Life After Loss: "I am Awakened"

Season 8 Episode 806
CC | tv-pg
In the spring of 2015, Facebook COO and best-selling author Sheryl Sandberg was vacationing with her husband, Dave Goldberg, in Mexico when he died suddenly at age 47. Sheryl, overcome with grief, struggled to regain happiness and a sense of normalcy in the days and months that followed the death of her beloved husband.

"I had read about grief. Everyone's read about grief. But experiencing it is a different thing," Sheryl tells Oprah.

Here, Sheryl opens up about how her own struggle with bereavement led her to write her latest book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy, which serves as a guide for those who may be having trouble regaining confidence and clarity after a loss or personal setback.

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