Pico Iyer: The Telltale Sign of a Great Vacation

Season 6 Episode 606
Aired on 03/08/2015 | CC tv-14
As a Time magazine reporter and travel writer, Pico Iyer has racked up millions of frequent-flyer miles visiting destinations all over the globe. Still, he says the most important part of the trip is your return home. "If it's a good trip, we will spend the rest of our lifetimes going over our memories, looking at our photographs, rereading our journals, and the week is really just like an appetizer for the main course, which takes place when you're back at home, sitting still, processing everything," he says. "You collect these sights around the world, and you come home and you turn them into insights in some ways, and you see, 'How can what I witnessed in Johannesburg or Venice affect my life here in the United States?'"

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