Why Pastor A.R. Bernard Believes Social Media Can Lead to an Identity Crisis

Season 8 Episode 802
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Pastor A.R Bernard, author of Four Things Women Want from a Man, believes that at the heart of every crisis, there is an unresolved identity crisis. Although he believes that all humans will experience some form of identity crisis, the rise of social media has only exacerbated the problem.

During his Super Soul Sunday conversation with Oprah, the pastor explains that although social media has many positive benefits, the ability to create new identities on a whim is "problematic" and at odds with finding one's true place as an individual.

Pastor Bernard believes that looking to a higher power for guidance is the answer for those looking to connect with their true selves. "Until we reconnect with God and discover that identity in God, we will continue to look to become someone other than who we've truly been made to be," he says.

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