What is love, anyway? Whatever it is, this four-letter word is one of the most fundamental human experiences. In this special hour-long presentation, SoulPancake explores what love is, how it affects us physically, how to sustain love and how to give it. Watch clips from the special below!

Home video stills What Is Love, Anyway?

SoulPancake wanted to know what love is, so they put out a call to everyday people to share their thoughts. Watch the home videos submitted—and have a tissue at the ready.

Dr. Kathy Magliato How Love Affects Us Physically: A Heart Surgeon Weighs In

As a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Kathy Maglito is an expert in all matters of the heart and has learned her fair share about love. Watch as she explains how love affects us physically, shares how being a heart surgeon has changed her capacity to love, and reveals why she believes the soul resides in the heart.

Bottle by Kirsten Lepore Bottle: A Short Film by Kirsten Lepore

Love can cross any ocean, especially if there's a glass bottle to help out. Watch this sweet story of love told in an animated short by Kirsten Lepore.

Bob and Gloria Farley Bob and Gloria Farley's Love Story
When Bob and Gloria Farley got married, they had no idea they'd have to fall in love twice to make their relationship work. Watch as they share how they overcame an unimaginable accident and reveal the secret to their 42 years of marriage.

Heart attack Heart Attack
SoulPancake sets up a mysterious white box on a busy boardwalk to surprise people with a little burst of love.

Rainn Wilson and Oprah Winfrey Oprah and Rainn Wilson's Search for Love Starts at OWN Headquarters
It took much imagination, many trips to thrift stores, and a whole lot of love to transform OWN headquarters into SoulPancake magic. Go behind the scenes of Rainn Wilson and Oprah's L.A. shoot.

Girl holding a sign What Is Love? Kids Tell All to SoulPancake
What would you put to paper if you had to draw a picture of what love means to you? That's the assignment SoulPancake gave to a group of children. Watch to see what they drew.

Girl holding a sign The Making of Heart Attack
You saw what happened when a box of love exploded on the streets of Venice, California. Go behind the scenes and find out how the SoulPancake crew made it all happen!