If you've ever hit a rough patch, read about TheDailyLove.com founder Mastin Kipp's experience, and find out why he says a low moment can set the stage for greater things. Then, tune in Sunday as Mastin joins two other voices from the next generation of spiritual thinkers.
There's nothing like hitting rock bottom with a great big BOOM!

That's exactly what happened to me a few years ago.I've always liked the sentiment of what J.K. Rowling said about rock bottom: "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." That's right, I've always liked the sentiment of this quote. But I can tell you that going through the actual experience ain't NO fun at all. It's a total bummer.

After a massive run as a young man in Hollywood, from being one of the youngest executives EVER at a major label, to working on the management team of a band that won GRAMMYs, to having all kinds of celebrities and top stores buy my clothing line, I had found myself at rock bottom. All the outward glory seemed to fade away like a distant memory, and I found myself face-to-face with all my dark thoughts that I had so masterfully suppressed for so long.

On top of that, when most people have a downturn, they move back in with their parents. Since my parents live in Kansas, that wasn't an option for someone who had fallen in love with Los Angeles. So I ended up moving in with my now-ex-girlfriend's parents—in the pool house. It was a great gift and gracious act from this family; the bonds of love tied us together, transcending any past transgressions.

The experience was one I'll never forget. Outside the pool house was lavish and beautiful abundance—a pool, a hot tub and a beautiful view. Inside the pool house was an 8-by-8-foot room with a small closet, shower and bathroom. Everything I needed. I felt like I was being shown something. What I felt was that the world was abundant (represented by my surroundings) but that I had not tapped into the power or possibility of how to create that in my life (represented by the supersmall room I was living in).

At first, I felt like this room was my prison. It wasn't until one day, about a month after living there, that I asked God, "Why did you put me in such a small room if so much abundance exists?" And the answer I got back was immediate: "Because this is the size of your faith."