If you are tuned in to OWN or checking out this website, it means you are most certainly interested in personal growth and evolution. You want to push yourself to be healthier, feel more connected in a soulful way, and be a change agent in the world. In all of us, I believe, is that impulse to advance and develop skills to be better, happier, more productive human beings. So here's the million-dollar question: How do we do that?

It's actually not so difficult at all, and it's a multipronged approach. In fact, there are very specific things you can do to nudge yourself forward. Let me outline what I call the Eight Pillars of Wellness for you so you can start filling in the missing pieces where you see them. Just set your intention to be happy and healthy, and then lean into your process!

The 8 Pillars

"Meditation" is a word that scares a lot of people. They don't think they're the "kind of person" who could possibly sit for long stretches with an empty mind. I'm not suggesting that you do that. "Meditation," as I use the word, is simply a state of quiet contemplation. It involves turning your focus inward for at least a few moments at a time so you can access a deeper reality. Practicing a daily ritual of meditation almost always leads to positive changes in your life in that you are more relaxed and in tune throughout the day and can better handle stress and adversity. You are more present to life and can respond in a more balanced and thoughtful way to the situations that come up.

Visualization helps you rejigger the way you see things so that you can respond to life differently; it takes apart old images and replaces them with new and better ones. With these new images in place, you will begin to think differently, and as you think and behave differently, people will change the way they respond to you.

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