Former Vice President Joe Biden on Whether He Could Have Defeated Hillary Clinton

Season 8
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Even though then-Vice President Joe Biden considered a presidential bid in 2016, he ultimately decided not to run. The reason, he tells Oprah during their Super Soul Sunday conversation, is that he was still grappling with the death of his eldest son, Beau, who died from brain cancer in 2015.

"Do you feel you could have beaten Hillary?" Oprah asks.

"Yes," Vice President Biden says, "but it would have been an incredibly difficult race. And I have nothing but friendship for Hillary."

"In the end," Oprah says, "the decision was no because, what, you didn't have the eye of the tiger?

"Because I didn't have the eye of the tiger," he says. "I knew I was missing [Beau] so that I didn't think I could—I didn't think I could do the job that I would have to do. But that's not saying—do I regret not being president? Yeah, I do."

Here, Vice President Biden reveals the conversation he had with Hillary Clinton about his intentions for 2016, and explains that it was Beau's wish that he run.

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