Life is made of experiences that we choose—and some that choose us. "In Deep Shift with Jonas Elrod" features an unflinching look at people who were changed forever by an extraordinary event, one that will define the rest of their lives. Filmmaker Jonas Elrod travels to Phoenix to meet Brian Mancini, a war veteran who served in three tours of duty in Baghdad and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of a brain injury in combat. Watch clips below to see the different ways he has worked to heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

Brian Mancini Brian Mancini's Battle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
After growing up hearing stories of service from his grandfather and uncles, Brian Mancini joined the military two weeks after he got out of high school. Six months into his second tour in Baghdad, Brian was hit by a roadside bomb and medically discharged after nearly 13 years of service. He's on the mend from his physical injuries but still struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that affects one in every five military personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Watch as Jonas Elrod meets Brian, and hear more of his story.

Brian Mancini Brian's Breakthrough Moment
After he was seriously wounded in Baghdad, Brian Mancini was medically discharged from the Army, battled post-traumatic stress disorder and also got divorced. One night, he found himself with a loaded .45-caliber pistol and overwhelmed with emotion. Watch as Brian opens up about that night and what pulled him through.

Brian Mancini How Horses Help This Veteran Heal from PTSD

Brian Mancini is an Army veteran who battles post-traumatic stress disorder after having served in Baghdad. To help with his emotional recovery, he's turned to equine therapy—a practice that uses specially trained horses to help improve a person's physical and emotional states. Watch what happens when Brian enters the ring with two horses.

Brian Mancini Brian Takes His Next Step—with the Help of a Horse
Army veteran Brian Mancini has been using equine therapy to help him cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, he's taking the next step in an exercise called therapeutic riding. Watch what happens when Brian gets on a horse for the first time. Plus, see how Brian's doing today and get Jonas Elrod's thoughts on his time with him.

Jonas Elrod 3 Steps to Finding Your Spiritual Path
Jonas Elrod says we are all on a spiritual path, whether we know it or not. On every spiritual journey, he says, there are three basic stages: breakdown, breakthrough and integration. Watch as he explains what these stages mean and what we can learn from them.

Brian Mancini and Jonas Elrod Why This Army Veteran Feels Blessed

Army veteran Brian Mancini is on the mend from the physical injuries he sustained in Baghdad but still struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. Watch as Brian opens up about why returning to Baghdad helped him find some answers. Plus, Brian explains why he's truly blessed.

Brian Mancini and Jonas Elrod Jonas Elrod Visits Brian Mancini's Place of Peace
Filmmaker Jonas Elrod has traveled to Arizona to talk with Brian Mancini, an Army veteran who was seriously wounded in Baghdad, about his spiritual, emotional and physical healing. One way Brian, who now battles post-traumatic stress disorder, finds peace is by fly-fishing. Catch a ride with Jonas to the lake and find out why he says Brian has great company in spiritual fishermen.