How to Turn a Setback into a Comeback

Season 6 Episode 609
Aired on 04/05/2015 | CC tv-14
Tim Storey is an ordained minister, motivational speaker and life coach who has shared his inspiring words in 70 different countries and written nine books. Tim believes that no matter what we are facing, we can turn any setback into a comeback.

Tim's father died when Tim was only 10 years old. He thinks of that death as the major setback in his life. Tim says that he remembers how his home life changed and that he saw how grief affected his mother and siblings. "There was that void. And I knew that my family was in trouble. And I didn't know what to do at 10," he says. "But then I began to figure out what to do in my 20s. That I had to somehow be a leader."

In the video above, Tim opens up about how to use difficult times as a springboard.

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