How Lifting Your Vibration Can Help You Manifest and Sustain Success

Season 7 Episode 718
Aired on 10/09/2016 | CC tv-14
We're all vibrational beings, says spiritual pioneer Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and we all have the power to manifest the life of our dreams by consciously raising our energy to a higher frequency.

"When we lift our vibration to what we want to experience, it happens first on a vibratory level," he says. "And then it shows up and manifests in our life. So people who are holding on to rancor, animosity, they're slowing down their vibration."

Unless you radiate the positive vibration that is in sync with your desires, Dr. Beckwith explains, you won't be able to realize your goals. "You cannot have what you're not willing to become vibrationally," he says. "If you do get it, you'll lose it. This is why people that win the lottery—they lose everything. Or they'll finally get the person they think they want to be with, and they can't keep the relationship. Or they'll get a modicum of success but can't hold on to it. Because inside, they weren't vibrationally aligned."