How Crisis Helped Pastor A.R. Bernard Understand His Wife's Value

Season 8 Episode 802
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In his book Four Things Women Want from a Man, Pastor A.R. Bernard wants readers to understand the "new role" that women play in the lives of modern men, and how women must feel valued in order to engage freely in the lives of their spouses.

Drawing from his own 45-year marriage to his wife, Karen, Pastor Bernard admits that understanding Karen's value was the lesson that took him the longest to learn, revealing that, early in their marriage, he depreciated her and put work above her, his family and his home life.

"God placed her in my life for a reason. For a purpose. And her role was very, very valuable," Pastor Bernard tells Oprah during their Super Soul Sunday conversation. "It's not till I understood that and embraced that lesson that she became free to really participate in my life in the way that I needed her to."

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