In their book, Running with Nature, Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams say we have 86,400 moments each day to change our lives for the better. One way to do that, they say, is to spend time every day in silence. Read the following excerpt to find out why connection to everything else happens in those quiet moments. Plus, take their silence challenge today.

Live Silence
Though silence is elusive, it is the key to fully experiencing and being present in your life. Silence exists between the sounds of everything going on around you—between the computer tapping, the music notes, the YouTube videos, the meetings, calls, cars, horns, blower, mowers and airplanes that fill our world with noise. When we learn to embrace the silence, to even make space for prolonged periods of silence, we find that we are powerful beyond belief. Silence is the space, the energy, from which we can create and re-create our reality.

It is rare to experience true silence but important to commit to it. Stilling your brain through listening to nothing more than the sounds of Nature or your break is a commitment to figuring yourself out. Take moments before or during your morning ritual (or anytime you can grab a moment away from NOISE) where you sit in stillness and all you hear is your breath. Relinquish the need to do anything in this place. For while doing nothing, everything is happening. The Buddhist monks say, “Nothingness is the Isness.”

It is in silence where your inner voice can be heard. Create silent space for yourself, where you can develop a relationship with that voice and unlock the door to the truth of you. If you can make quiet time part of your daily routine, you will be among those who truly know themselves, be themselves and be a part of what is actually taking place in the world around them. When there is silence, truth makes itself known to you.

Mariel: Connection begins in silence. Connection is what you feel when you are completely present with yourself, when everything else seems to disappear and you are aware of only what you feel inside. Connection happens with Self first, so silence is how you ignite a connection with you. Silence shines light on how you are feeling in your inner world. When we are connected with our inner world, we are able to connect in a healthier way with our outer world—with deeper understanding of ourselves, our actions and the role we play.

Bobby: If you can’t live inside yourself, where are you going to live? Outside yourself, always needing someone or something. Need nothing; be part of everything; and work with what you have.

Take the Challenge!
Use Mariel and Bobby's silence checklist to start bringing peace and clarity into your life. See how many points you can earn in a week by completing these activities.

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From Running with Nature by Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams. Reprinted by arrangement of Changing Lives Press. Copyright (c) 2013 by Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams.