Once we understand that no one has the power to cause us unhappiness, we can let go of our heavy investment in our life scripts and emotional imprints. This enables us to alter the energetic space we inhabit during our interactions with others, which is the end of all drama. Seeing ourselves as neither victims nor victors, martyrs nor mere survivors, we find we no longer need drama in order to feel alive. If on occasion we are still triggered, we are able to reel our reaction in before we cause hurt and trauma for others.

Conversely, we are only able to feel positive regard for our children when we already have such regard for ourselves. Only to the degree we are confident within ourselves can we engage our children from a place of confidence. This is because whatever we are experiencing internally is ultimately manifested externally. That which is manifested externally affects our children, which in turn affects us—and so the cycle continues. Because at this deep level there is no separation and we are one with our children, they become reflections of our interior being, which is what makes them suited to be our spiritual guides.