Dr. Christiane Northrup: "Health Is Contagious"

Season 6 Episode 612
Aired on 04/26/2015 | CC tv-14
Dr. Christiane Northrup is a board-certified obstetrician and a passionate believer in the spiritual side of healing. Dr. Northrup says transforming our spiritual health can make us feel decades younger physically, especially if you surround yourself with people who are good influences. "There are a lot of scientific studies on this now, Oprah, that one person who stops smoking actually influences people at four degrees of separation," she says.

The effect is reciprocal, she says. Doing something good for yourself, such as exercising or eating right, can also help your family, friends and acquaintances to improve their own lives. "We're always thinking in terms of, you know, disease [being] contagious," she says. "Health, agelessness, is contagious."

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