Can We Have More Than One Calling?

Season 5 Episode 522
Aired on 11/09/2014 | CC tv-pg
The Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor is one of America's leading theologians. She's an Episcopal priest who was named one of Time magazine's most influential people in 2014, holds a master's in divinity from Yale and has written 13 thought-provoking books on spirituality. She recently left the pulpit to write and teach.

Barbara says we can all have many callings in life. "Anyone who's a parent and works outside the home has a couple callings," she says. "I have relational callings. I have professional callings. I have a number of different callings. And I also think it's possible to be called away from things I have been called to in the past." Find out why Barbara says "there are goodbyes as well as hellos in our callings" and why not all callings last a lifetime.

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