Brian Grazer's Secret to Success: Meet One New Person Each Day

Season 6 Episode 611
Aired on 04/19/2015 | CC tv-14
Award-winning film and television producer Brian Grazer says he's always had an insatiable curiosity about him. This trait led him to create the goal of meeting one new person each day. "I turned it into a discipline. It was a religion to me," he says. "I could not feel fulfilled unless I met that new person every day."

In fact, he says, that's how he met a close friend and longtime business partner. It was 1979, and Brian was inside his office on the lot of Paramount Pictures wondering whom he would talk to that day. "I thought, God, I have to meet a new person today. I haven't checked someone off the list," he says. "I look out my window—I'm on the Paramount lot—and I see Ron Howard, who is Happy Days' Richie."

Brian opens up about his first meeting with Ron in the video above.

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