Brené Brown: "Regret Is a Fair but Tough Teacher"

Season 7 Episode 622
Aired on 10/04/2015 | CC tv-14
Is regret a weakness or a strength? Some people believe if you spend time looking back at your failures, you won't be able to look forward. Social scientist Brené Brown, however, says regret can be a valuable learning experience.

In her latest book, Rising Strong, Brené writes, "If there's one thing failure has taught me, it's the value of regret." In her Super Soul Sunday interview with Oprah, she takes the concept further.

Regret, she says, is "a fair but tough teacher." She adds that the two most common kinds of regret are failures of kindness and failures of courage, and she knows she's not finished creating new ones.

"I absolutely have regrets," Brené says, pausing for a second. "And I don't think I'm done having them."

Watch as Brené shares what you can learn from what you would have done differently.