There's one spiritual law behind love, success and so much more. Read on to learn about the law of divine compensation.
Some people walk into a room and the word “winner” is written all over them. You don’t necessarily know what their secret is, but you wish you had it. Was it their childhood programming? Family connections? Some amazing talent?

As many successful people as there are in the world, there are that many reasons for success. But one kind of material abundance derives from an almost otherworldly charisma, a sense of magic some people carry around with them like an aura of destiny. They may or may not have had the past experiences one normally associates with material success; their success seems almost to have come from something else.

This book is about that “something else” and the power that it gives us. It’s about a spiritual zone that has nothing to do with where we’ve been, how or whether we’ve been educated, or whether we’ve succeeded so far or have failed miserably. It’s about the ultimate success and perfection of God, potential in all of us whether made manifest or not, yet always available for full expression. Each of us is pregnant with the manifestation of that perfection, for that is who we are.

By aligning yourself with thoughts of infinite love for yourself and others, you gain dominion over the lower thought forms of the world.

This way is not a substitute for any worldly path to success so much as an inner way that informs all others. It is a path to material abundance through immaterial means, and a set of spiritual keys to worldly power. The ways of spirit are not the ways of sacrifice, but rather a way of opening yourself fully to the infinite glories of the universe.

The glories are there. They merely await your acceptance. What follows is an explanation of what they are, how they operate, and how you can tap into them.

The universe is set up to work on your behalf. The world is not a giant, uncaring, random expression of biological processes, but rather a living, breathing reflection of love for all living things. The universe itself is miraculous.

You do not have to believe this, of course. It might not feel that way to you at all.

But spiritual laws aren’t called “the good news” for nothing. Spiritual truth is always at work, beyond what the eye can see. It describes an invisible “other world” that exists in a realm beyond our mortal circumstances.

Our interaction with the spiritual world is governed by our thoughts. When we know this truth and consciously align our thoughts with it—sometimes even despite how we feel—we activate its spiritual power. We transform our mortal circumstances by bringing our thoughts about them into alignment with a world that lies beyond.

If you think of yourself as being at the effect of a random universe that does not care about you, then you will experience your life that way. If you think of yourself as being at the effect of a loving universe that does care about you, then you will experience your life that way.