I will be your teacher on this journey. Before we begin down the path, I’d like to tell you a little about myself. As a speaker, author, mentor, and coach I’ve made it my life’s work to help others release the blocks that stand between them and their inner joy. My work has been received well throughout the world because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be happy? But let’s put titles and credentials aside. The most valuable gift I have to offer you is life cred. I’ve lived every word in this book and transformed myself through the stories you’re about to read. I once was a strung- out drug addict seeking self-worth from the outside world. Today I turn inward and receive all the happiness I’d been seeking.

The journey we’re about to embark on together in this book is broken up into three parts. The fi rst leg of the journey is Section One, "The Detour into Fear," which will explain how our minds go wrong and why we become so accustomed to fearful ways of being. Then, Section Two, "The Answer," will provide a road map to serenity. This section will give you the necessary tools for reconditioning your mind back to peace and joy. Then, in Section Three, "The Miracle," you’ll be guided to maintain your happiness and share it with the world.

To help further illuminate your journey, I’ve created guided meditations that you can download on my site, There is a meditation for each chapter. These meditations will help you reconnect with your true essence, which is love, and your birthright, which is access to miracles.

The Course teaches that each time we shift our perception from fear to love we create a miracle. The more miracles you add up, the more extraordinary your life will be. The outside world and all your relationships will be enhanced as a result of your inner shift. Serenity will kick in, fear will subside, and once and for all you’ll know that all the love you need is inside you.

Sounds like I’ve got the keys to heaven, doesn’t it? That’s right, I do! And I can testify to these tools because I work them like a full-time job. Just breathe, be willing, and show up for the suggestions along the way. Remember you are not alone. Even if fear has you in a headlock, I’m here to remind you that happiness always wins.