Sometimes this is impossible. Some people are just too much to tolerate and fall into the "Life's Too Short" category. There are many who are not going to change unless they want to make that leap.

But even in the face of that, you change by dropping "except."

You change by adapting the position of "accept."

And in the accepting, you forgive, then decide if you are capable of carrying on a relationship with this person. Hauling around a sack of resentment does nothing but slow you down and bleed negativity into the vital organs of your life.

You can walk away. You can make that choice. But not before you accept.

And sometimes with the "accept" we suddenly find ourselves deep in the land of empathy for the other person.

We might not be able to take on their pain or excuse them for it, but we can become more understanding and sympathetic of their weaknesses. In the end, once we accept, we move forward from a position of strength and/or compassion.