Unfortunately, most people don't know that even in their darkest hours and worst failures, God is there, rooting for them and wanting to help them. Because they either forget this or never knew this, in the midst of a setback they feel like a failure and take another step back. Then another setback comes, and they take another step back. Before long they find themselves so far from where they want to be, they just give up. They can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, and they are overcome by the darkness.

Life is doing something with them instead of them doing something with life.

If you are saying to yourself, "I've stepped back so far I don't even remember where I started," just remember: It's not how you start something that counts, it's how you finish it. Even while you are feeling the sting of your setback, your comeback has already been prepared for you. You just have to begin to think about yourself and your situation in a different light.

You may be weary and don't know if you have the energy to begin again, but this may be the humble launching pad your life has been waiting for. It's too soon to give up because God hasn't given up on you. In fact, He never gives up on you. I haven't given up on you. You are the only one who can give up and abort your destiny!

There is always time for one more comeback.

How do I know this with absolute certainty? I have lived it and am continuing to live it. I have shared it with others who are living it successfully. In these chapters are the powerful truths and life-changing principles that have brought me through pain and desperation in my own life. They are what sustain me and help me to continue to move forward today.

Don't put this book down until you make a commitment to set aside a specific time and place to finish reading it. Whether it is five minutes a day or an hour a day—just do it! Read it again and again until you plant these ideas in the depths of your heart. Your comeback—and much more beyond it—are waiting for you!