"More and more, I opened my heart and myself to the possibility of love," Don explained. "Angela and I found ourselves hopeful and emboldened. The fear retreated." He also looked inside himself and saw where he had been giving too much of his energy over to fear. Knowing that it was now within his power to make different choices, he found peace with those choices he had made in the past: he forgave Sara, and he forgave himself. Joy began to seep into his life again. When he spent time with his children, he was often infused with a child-like spirit that allowed him to enjoy their company in a new and enriched way. And most important, through that process he began to recognize the Beloved in himself and in his first wife again. He released his fear and embraced the love within. Over time, Sara, seeing the change in Don's stance toward her, began to respond in kind. Don credits this transformation to the work we do at All Saints of incorporating the Habits of Love into our lives. Naturally, the family dynamics are still complex and evolving, with daily challenges that each person tries to address with love rather than fear. Don emphasizes that his difficulties are not totally in the past. "Angela and I struggle daily to live in love with our former partners, and I don't want to suggest that it is perfect." As with all families, their lives are a work in progress, yet Don and his family’s burdens have been lessened through their sincere and ongoing efforts to open their hearts.

And there's been another significant benefit too: in choosing to live in the consciousness of love, Don has not only improved his life but also, in incremental and meaningful ways, the lives of his family, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. His fresh outlook on life is stealthily and steadily transferred to everyone he comes into contact with, just as the beam of love in the picture hanging in my childhood bedroom transferred to me an all-pervasive sense of love and belonging. Without even realizing it, Don has taken his own important steps on the journey toward making our world a more harmonious place.