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Day 7: Practicing Forgiveness
There are two meta-attitudes that are proven to increase your happiness levels. They are forgiveness and gratitude. Sometimes to be happy in the present moment, you have to be willing to give up all hopes for a better past. Forgiveness is the key to releasing the past and recommitting to your life now. It's impossible to carry wounds and be happy. You can't be a victim and be joyful. You can't keep neglecting yourself and feel whole. Forgiveness helps you to find your heart again, to be true to yourself and to let go of the past and be free.

Be Happy Exercise: Your assignment today is to practice self-forgiveness. Declare today a day of new beginnings in which you forgive yourself for all the past occasions when you have treated yourself in loveless and careless ways. Self-forgiveness is the key to loving yourself. This is so important, because it is impossible to love others and not love yourself. Also, the more you love yourself, the easier you make it for others to love you too. Forgiveness is the key to love and happiness.