Are Modern Men Intimidated by Powerful Women?

Season 8 Episode 802
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Women have made major strides in all facets of American society over the years, creating opportunities and amassing wealth and influence along the way. Pastor A.R. Bernard believes that women's new and growing power is intimidating to many men, has led to friction between the sexes and has caused men to re-examine masculinity, a topic he covers in his book Four Things Women Want from a Man.

"I wrote the book because I wanted to give women, number one, a framework with which to make better decisions," Pastor Bernard tells Oprah during their Super Soul Sunday conversation, "and I want to give men a standard for manhood that they can measure up to."

Here, Pastor Bernard expands on men's role in today's society, and talks about how men should be encouraged to develop a new standard of manhood that celebrates female accomplishment rather than being intimidated by it.

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