As you awaken to this power to affect your life, pay close attention to your feelings and observations. Ask yourself: Where am I now, and where do I want to be? Just be aware. The more you become aware of the affects of each choice you make, the more you will be able to choose differently and better for yourself. As you live more creatively, you'll be amazed at how these small moments come together and inform your big breakthroughs.

Action Steps
  • Close your eyes and meditate for one minute a day. You'll come from a more centered and grounded place in your decisions and actions.
  • Think about where your food—meat, dairy and eggs, especially—comes from, and eat that food only if it sits right in your soul. You might try going meatless on Mondays!
  • Learn something new once a month, for instance, CPR!
  • Eat an apple a day; the fiber will keep you feeling full and clean (if you know what I mean!).
  • If there is an outstanding grudge with someone, work out some forgiveness. It will free you.