Steep Your Soul: Ali MacGraw Defines Her Legacy in One Word

Season 5 Episode 518
CC | tv-pg
Ali MacGraw is an actress, an author, an animal rights activist...and a loyal tea drinker. In this week's Steep Your Soul sit-down, the 75-year-old beauty tells Oprah that she is a big fan of chai, to which she adds one silky ingredient.

"Let's talk about this with milk in it," Ali says, holding a mug of Oprah Chai.

During their discussion, the two also talk about Ali's future and what she hopes her legacy will be. Watch the above video to learn the single word the star uses to describe her legacy and why it is "so, so important" to her. Plus, Ali jokes about what she thinks her legacy may actually be, prompting an amused laugh from Oprah.

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