Shea Confronts Michael About His Behavior at the Mixer

Season 1 Episode 107
Aired on 12/01/2018 | CC tv-14
Shea's parents owned a liquor store when she was growing up, and seeing the type of people who would frequent their business instilled in her a negative perception of drinking. So, it goes without saying that she wasn't too thrilled to see Mike drinking at a recent mixer. Shea feels so strongly that she calls Michael and lets him know of her displeasure. They arrange to meet at a restaurant, where Shea reveals that it was specifically Michael's excessive drinking that upset her so much.

In private, Michael says "the interrogation by Officer Lioness Shea" is unfair, but during their date he diplomatically explains that the other night was more the exception than the rule and that he doesn't plan on making a habit of it. Nevertheless, Shea continues to hammer her point home. "I don't want to talk to drunk Mike," she tells him. "It was terrible."

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