Hey There Raising Whitley Fans,

This was quite an episode and I am still trying to recover! When Kym finally agreed to de-clutter her house and have a yard sale, I was definitely in! First thing's first, I have to decide what fashions to depart with...decisions, decisions.

Okay, I need help going through my vast closets of fashions from yester-year, so I call on my fellow Villager, Harold. He loves going through my closets, playing with my clothes, pretending not to like them...lol!

To start, one must be comfortable when at home trying on old drag—you must make certain they either don't fit you anymore or you're sure you really want to part with your wares. Now before you guys and gals start reading me for filth we are talking about the 70's and zebra print. It was a time when faux fur was in style for men and women (and some still wear it today!)

Man-bags are more popular today than ever, and I have an entire man bag section in my wardrobe—everything from brown snake skin to bedazzled bags; kids, they can hold a lot of "ca-floma," aka stuff.

Now, this yard sale is also the perfect opportunity to sell-off some of the clothing from my collection of Wendell's Designs. I had a clothing line 10 years ago when I came to Hollywood—designing unusual jeans with corduroy at the legs, T-shirts in vibrant colors, and one-of-a-kind double button dress shirts. All of my designs, you guessed it, are uni- sex! I designed them then put them in storage, did not sell a thing—I got bored. But now that I have JOSHUA and we are starting a college fund, it is the perfect time to sell off some of my designs.

It is time for me to dress the neighborhood! Are they ready? Of course not, but I'm going to get them ready because, I am Wendell James and that's what I do.