Hey there all you Raising Whitley modern-day campers!

As you can tell by now I am the hat king! I love all types of hats and I have one for every occasion—just like the girls love their wigs, I love my hats!

When I escorted Kym to her eye appointment, I chose to sport my black hat. If you have a lot of hair these are the types of hats that will accommodate your crown and glory. You want to choose a color that will not be too bright for a girl that is going to really see you for who you are after this surgery.

Now, when taking the kids on a camping trip you always want to wear bright colors for two reasons: One, so the child can easily find you in the woods, and the other is to scare off the lions, tigers and bears (oh my!)

I say when camping in the woods take all of your essentials and maintain your look at all times—who knows whom you might meet, possibly a date, out there in the wild blue yonder. I think it's better to have a onesie (okay, animal print onesie) to blend in with nature. Don't forget matching slippers if you must take shoes.

As a modern day camper, it is important to have all the comforts of home, so that means a Fabbbbb pillow and if I must sleep outside then I need to bring the hotel art deco look to the outside. Beware, as your fellow campers will try to read you, but at the same time they will want to use some of your fabulous stuff.

And, no, I have never owned a sleeping bag so I just improvised and used my sturdy luggage—okay, okay, so it just happened to be designer. When cooking in the woods all you need is one skillet, that's all we had back in the day growing up, we did not have a set of pots and pans and we turned out an entire meal in one pot and or skillet, so I thought I would show these guys who acts like they don't know how to ruff it in the woods. HAPPY CAMPING KIDS.