Hi Raising Whitley Fans,

Let's talk the re-invention of Rodney! Now, the hardest thing for a semi-foe to do is ask for help right? Well I have to give it to Rodney, he was able to put aside his love for me (LOL!) and realize that he needs my help. When you want to step back in front of the lights, camera, action, and it's been years, you have to update your wardrobe, because fashion did not stand still while you were away.

Now, when re-designing a dad or mom, you have to look at the temperament of that person, their swag, what comes out of their mouth, and of course the usual... size, weight, height, etc. Since I co-parent with Rodney, I have had him sized up for years, so when he came for my help again (it’s becoming a habit, asking for my fashion tips. Go Rodney!), I knew exactly he needed.

After assessing the situation, I knew this was a job for my go-to person: Woody Wilson of Beverly Hills! Woody has dressed everyone from P Diddy to Matt Damon and Brad Pitt! I felt Rodney needed color because he's always so serious. Maybe a little color will lighten him up a bit (LOL!).

Me, Harold and Rodney going to Woody’s was a casual meeting, so I wore my Gucci cap with a custom-made side zip jacket and I kicked it off with some designer bling glasses. Let's face it, I am a natural! As you can see, Woody has a nice selection of colors and styles. At first Rodney was a little scared of color but, eventually came around.

I also called my go-to fashion consultant Angela Dean of Deanzign, Angela Dean mostly designs for women...yes, women like Oprah, Patti Labelle, Queen Latifah, Wendy Williams, the list goes on. She also has a good eye for men's fashions too. She designed a suit for me a few years ago and people are still talking about that suit! She too said Woody Wilson was the man for the job.

Now, here we are at another designer boutique and I am wearing a custom, one-of-a-kind, frayed and ripped rocker style green jacket! I decided to rock the fro with this one—the curly hair wouldn’t match the rugged look of the outfit. If you have the skills or a good hair stylist, you can easily change your look dramatically! I personally go to Elgin Charles. He will wash, condition, color, crimp, curl, cut, add and/or subtract hair, whatever you want!

So now it was time for Rodney to take photos. I decided to take Rodney to see one of my top photographer friends. He was a little stiff at first, so I had to get in and show him how to work that camera or that camera will work you! He finally got it and my work there was done.