Hi Raising Whitley Fans,

SMH...yes, my fashion forward friends, it's the season finale and my arm in a sling. But, I couldn't let a minor setback like that determine what I was going to wear, right? Never let a sling, crutch, cast, brace or whatever dictate your look!

It was time to go car shopping with Kym, one of my favorite things to do and I needed to still look the part. Now, high-end car shopping calls for a certain look and I like to be unassuming when car shopping.

Harold and I set out to meet Kym at the Lamborghini dealer—I don't know how practical a Lamborghini is for Kym as Joshua's mom, but it might work for me, lol! The California sun was not shinning this day, so I decided to be kind of casual but, with some swag. I sported a calf-skin, mid-length jacket lined in fur with a fur collar, my Khaki color jeans, a black sling to match and of course I rocked the fro.

Its Salsa time and I am dressed for the occasion. Remember, I told you, you have to dress for the occasion. Salsa dancing is fun and takes a lot of energy, so you need color; bright colors are exciting and keep you alert! Salsa dancing is sexy (think Mark Anthony) and red is always a good color to wear, so I decided to wear my red two piece suit—the jacket had a nice tail on it—and the pants were fitted and I wore my red shoes to match. Yes, friends, Wendell can dance and be sexy too!

As you all know head pieces are my thing. Here I am in one of my famous head pieces. Thought I'd give the fro a break and tuck it in— yes, it's all in there! Remember, I told you how to achieve this look.

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