What's the "Ha-Ha" Raising Whitley Fans?

It's Kym's "Hollywood Husband" Wendell talking about what else? Fashion, Fashion, Fashion! As you can tell by now I get very bored with the same hair style day in, day out, so I thought going house hunting in LA, I must sport my fro...as in "afro." I think it went well with a Gucci shirt, jeans and belt, don't you? Now, when you wear a V-neck tee and you still insist on a piece of jewelry around your neck, make sure it's short and fits right in the "V" area.

Meeting for lunch? Sometimes, especially in the daytime, I like to keep my hair under wraps. I wear hats like gurls wear wigs and weaves! (Okay, some men too). I have all types, shapes and colors. I always say, if you have mucho hair like I do, sometimes you gotta pull that stuff back in a ponytail! Note: first I had to flat iron the hair to make this look work and then it's easy to fit all that hair under a soft cap. Top that off with a dark print shirt and you are cutely attired for day wear.

Okay, okay, everyone's been asking about my fro! My fro is easy to do, all you really need to do is wash the hair, let it dry naturally put some hair lotion/moisturizer in it to keep the softness and you are good to go. I told you earlier on that 2 things are in season: the first being sweaters, the second being the colors blue and orange together, especially dark navy—very hip. You can, as I did, find clothing with a hint of the colors all in one. For example, as you see the orange shirt has a blue collar and the sweater is the opposite all blue but, here's the ha-ha, at the waist of the sweater is a orange band all the way around. And guess what both garments were bought at different places! You must love shopping when putting looks together that everyone will be talking or reading about.

Well children, that's the lesson for this week, and remember to go to Oprah.com to read all my past blogs and I know I don't have to remind you that #wendelljamesisfashion