Okay, I seriously need to go to Kym’s house and get in that closet and do a reading, I mean talk to her about all the clutter, lol! I thought I would wear dark colors, purple and black, you need dark colors for reading so they won't focus on your outfit but on what you are saying.

I made it a point to wear loose pants so that when I point out clothes she needs to get rid of, I can also model them so she can see I was right. Yes, I sometimes double as a human mannequin.

Now, a prepared parent such as myself should always be fashion ready when the kids ask to go on an outing like Joshua did, in this case, to go see horses. What does Hollywood dad wear to honor his sons request? I pulled out my red drop-crotch pants and matched it with a cotton short sleeve shirt. Both pants and top are loose fitting and light weight, 'cause it was hot as fish grease around those horses!

Now, the Hollywood wife wants to go shopping so I must give cas-fashion at the same time. One of the themes of the shopping trip is looking at hats and other headwear, so I decided to wear a floral shirt—remember, boys and gurls, I preach color, color, color! I kept my hair loose so I can try on mucho hat looks cause she knows I love headwear (and she loves to buy me headwear! Hmmmmmm my wifey.)

Raising Whitley fans, an interview, I always try to make my tops live and what better look than a yellow zip sweater that's retro but will still hold in 2014?! Zip it down oh so right and drop a necklace just right there.

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